All of the artworks displayed are original. Originals in multiple, (limited edition, original prints), mono prints, original paintings, photographs, digital images, or original mixed media works

Their are no reproductions available, at this time, of any of the titles, unless noted.

Most of the recent artwork featured on this site was either created digitally within the computer, or created using a combination of conventional painting / printmaking and digital imaging (Digital Photography) techniques. The archive gallery consists of original acrylic, watercolour, or oil paintings, done prior to 1982

While there is some gallery and personal/ show inventory, the bulk of my work is created "on demand" one at a time. There may be more than one size available (variant edition), and works may be available on different substrates, (usually paper or canvas). In addition, over time, the actual file for some titles may be slightly changed or even repainted. In all cases, the total number (usually 25sn/5ap) of original prints per title, stays the same. Original digital images produced in the Photographic technique (Digital Photography), are released as limited editions as above, or in open, numbered editions. The images of available works on this site will reflect what is available as of the last update, which may differ from older works of the same title.)

There are no hidden editions. (different substrate, country, size, etc.)

Once an edition is sold out, or in the case of mono prints, once the work is delivered safely, the original file is destroyed. (A low res copy is held for promotional / archiving purposes.

All work is created entirely by my own hand, including the actual printing, finishing, and signing of each work. I consider All "Digital Photos" to be created works of art. Original scans are captured in the RAW format, and processed by me. I do not rely on in camera, or, computer auto matic processing and make all decisions regarding color, composition, cropping, and exposure (single or multiple) based only on my impressions of the subject matter, and my desired outcome for the print.
If photos are used as source material for digital paintings, they are taken by me, someone shooting under my direction, or supplied by the client, for commission work.

Great effort is made to use only the best state of the art, archival materials.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.